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Barry Coziahr


"By partnering with a virtual assistant, I efficiently doubled my annual sales and achieved scalable growth, all while focusing on what truly matters in my business."

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In this case study, a business professional shares how he overcame difficulties with lead generation, time management, and business growth.

"Barry Coziahr," a serial business entrepreneur and the study's subject, recognized the need for an effective solution to boost sales and productivity. He revamped his business operations and witnessed extraordinary growth by leveraging a virtual assistant service.


The client was dealing with several significant obstacles that were limiting the potential of his company. These involved managing lead generation, taking action after leads were generated, and keeping a current CRM system, all of which took a lot of work. For years, he struggled to focus on high-value tasks like dealing with customers, closing transactions, and performing his leadership duties because of these inefficiencies.




  • Time-Consuming Lead Generation

  • Ineffective Follow-up Process

  • Capacity Constraints Business

  • Growth Stagnation


In the ever-evolving landscape of business challenges, he set out to find a solution that could make their lead generation smoother, his business administrative tasks simpler, and a way to allow himself to focus more on what really matters to scale his business. In his pursuit, he found Freetime.Solutions, a virtual assistance agency that helps small businesses, one-man-band entrepreneurs and professionals build a powerhouse team of virtual assistants. As this collaboration progressed, positive changes started to unfold.

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Together with Freetime.Solutions, they started to work on the following:


Process Documentation

The client shared his lead generation process and requirements, with his virtual assistant (VA) then his VA documented it for him.


Team Expansion

As his business grew, they increased the number of virtual assistants dedicated to lead generation.


Task Delegation

The virtual assistant, led by a primary point of contact from Freetime.Solutions, took over lead generation, outreach, follow-up, and CRM maintenance.


Strategic Focus

Freed from administrative tasks, the client focused on high-value activities like customer interactions, deal closures, and business expansion.


The collaboration with Freetime.Solutions yielded remarkable benefits and tangible results that reshaped the trajectory of Barry's business. This dynamic partnership led to a significant boost in lead outreach, with a dedicated team of virtual assistants engaging with a larger pool of potential customers on a daily basis. The result in reduction in administrative workload translated to saved hours each week, enabling him to redirect his energy toward high-value tasks. Notably, the his annual sales doubled within a year and a half, underscoring the potency of strategic outsourcing and its impact on scalable growth. The flexibility and stability provided by the virtual assistant service ensured uninterrupted operations, even during times of personnel changes, contributing to a consistent business pace. Moreover, this collaboration allowed for affordable expansion of promotional and client service activities while streamlining overall operational efficiency. In essence, this blend of benefits and results underscores how effective collaboration, smart delegation, and targeted efforts can synergistically elevate a business to unparalleled levels of success.

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